Stibographic AS in Horsens, Denmark

Jan-Erik Grandahl

Every day I think about the quantity of paper, which I no longer have to separate, air and lift. ”Robert”, as I call the robot, has given us a really 1 man operated sheet cutter line. Robert handles all the heavy lifts, and the pallet magazine and automatic pallet change now gives me the flexibility to prepare the workflow and collect and deliver pallets in the most optimal way. 

Johnny Larsen

With every new job, I just have to make a few corrections on the screen and then Yaskawa Levanto handles the rest – while I think about how many sheets I do not have to separate, air and lift. I take things as they come, and I am used to the heavy lifts, but having Yaskawa Levanto to handle the majority of all the heavy lifts is a great releaf, especially with all the heavy UV-coated magazine covers, which we handle at Stibographic.

Mogens Christensen

"Now I am not worn out when I finish my job. I am in general not so familiar with sophisticated technical solutions. But after some training and running in adjustments to our requirements I have totally changed my opinion. It is impressive how easy it is to work with Yaskawa Levanto, and I often say to myself, my God, how many heavy and unhealthy lifts does this strong helper prevent me from doing.”

Jan Jakobsen

”In my opinion Yaskawa Levanto is God’s gift to sheet cutter operators. It took me some time to discover the real potential of Yaskawa Levanto, but when I did I got really impressed. Today I produce more than 95% of my jobs with the robot, and I have not really found anything it could not do with the correct preparations from my side.”

Poul Mikkelsen

”I am extremely pleased about how Yaskawa Levanto has opened our veiw on automation and robotization.  
Our objective with Yaskawa Levanto was productivity, but we also realized that to protect and maintain our skilled operators at the sheet cutter lines, we had to do some-thing about the heavy lifts.”